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SLUCOR Consulting

SLUCOR Consulting specializes in creative and responsive solutions for scientific problems faced by academic, industry, government and nonprofit organizations.

SLUCOR Consulting

We combine academic rigor with responsive service to provide actionable results for our clients. Our team, comprised of faculty, researchers, staff and doctoral students, are experts in statistics, medicine, public health, economics, program evaluation and research methodology.

SLUCOR Consulting provides professional scientific services at every stage of the research project life-cycle, including:

  • Study design and protocol development
  • Data collection (telephone, web-based and in-person interviewing; chart abstraction and database extraction)
  • Database design and management
  • Statistical programming and analysis
  • Interpretation and reporting
  • Communication of results

SLUCOR also offers other customized technical services related to study design and implementation, such as sample size calculations and secure data management. We welcome the opportunity to discuss project work plans and budgets for projects big and small.

Our mission is to provide specialized technical assistance and management consulting services to clients who share our commitment to improving the effectiveness, efficiency and equitability of the health care system. We are committed to developing client partnerships and exceeding expectations through our creativity, responsiveness and scientific expertise.

For more information about our consulting services, projects and team, call 314-977-9300 or email

Statistical and Methods Consultations

SLUCOR welcomes inquiries from researchers who have already collected data and need effective methods for answering investigative questions. Consultations involving statistics should occur in the early phases of research project planning, if possible.

The School of Medicine offers financial support for SLUCOR faculty and staff who assist colleagues in solving research design problems and preparing grant applications. External projects and those requiring substantial professional time require additional funding.

In addition to customized analytic services, our statistical consultation is generally classified as:

  • Sample Size Estimation: We estimate of the required sample size for a research study or program evaluation project, based on assumptions developed in collaboration with the client, and provide a summary suitable for grant proposals, abstracts or manuscripts.
  • Statistical Analysis Double-Check: We re-run statistical analyses for researchers who want to check methods and confirm results with an independent second opinion.
  • Data Analysis Plan: We prepare a written data analysis plan for a grant proposal or manuscript based on the aims, measurement tools, and protocols provided by the client.
Data Collection

SLUCOR Consulting assists in research survey administration from the development phase through pilot testing or full-scale implementation.

Our team conducts national telephone interviewing and coordinates mass mailing of paper- based surveys. We can also manage onsite or offsite in-person interviews and focus groups for quantitative and qualitative research.

SLUCOR regularly assesses new technology, software and methods for survey administration and now offers an internet-based tool and paper-form scanning technology to expedite the research process.

Data Storage and Warehousing

SLUCOR's secure network offers high-capacity servers for reliable storage and prompt retrieval of research project data. Under license agreements, our data warehouse maintains claims and registry data from clients that include government healthcare resources and commercial health plans.

In addition to data storage, SLUCOR assists clients with software selection and database design for data management needs.

Program Evaluation

SLUCOR's interdisciplinary team helps foundations, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and corporations answer important questions about their projects, policies and programs.

In partnership with our clients, we identify barriers to projects, assist leaders in decision-making and develop tactics for the implementation of key programs. Our unique approach to program evaluation capitalizes on the SLUCOR team's technical expertise in measurement, study design, cost-benefit analysis, and data management, as well as its experience with many types of medical and public health interventions.

We can contribute to projects in one or more of the following ways:

  • Accountability: Documenting execution of proposed work plans.
  • Knowledge Generation: Creating new understanding about what works and what does not.
  • Technical Assistance: Supporting the internal evaluation efforts of clients with well-designed and usable measurement tools.
  • Data Management: Receiving, processing and storing outcome data.
  • Analysis: Quantitative and qualitative analysis of process and outcome data.
  • Communicating Results: Reporting program results effectively to the target audience.

Our broad experience as evaluators includes primary-care medical homes, tobacco use prevention and cessation programs, community-based asthma care, diabetes self-management education, health promotion, substance abuse prevention programs, employer-sponsored wellness services, school-based support for children with autism spectrum disorders and more.