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Billiken Success Program

The 2019 Billiken Success Program is designed for you, a determined new student who wants to excel at Saint Louis University.

As a condition of your admission, full acceptance to the University is contingent upon your successful completion of the Billiken Success Program.  It consists of three phases (JumpStart, Fall, Spring) and requires full participation in each one. This yearlong program is your on-ramp to a successful college experience at Saint Louis University.

The Billiken Success Program is a structured, tailored learning module customized for you, based on assessments, skills, interests and ongoing achievement. The Billiken Success Program kicks off with JumpStart, a six-day pre-semester phase before the start of the fall semester, and concludes at the completion of your freshman year, at the end of spring semester phase.  Full attendance and participation in JumpStart is required; otherwise, the opportunity for provisional admission may be revoked.

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Filled with enriching learning experiences, the Billiken Success Program offers educational opportunities that will benefit you through graduation and beyond. Designed to be a collaborative effort that you lead, the program will help prepare and stretch you for new academic challenges with engaging learning activities, assessment workshops, guidance opportunities and fun college experiences.

Participants who present a successful Billiken Success Program portfolio will continue as a fully admitted second-year SLU student (no longer provisionally admitted).

For 2019, a completed Billiken Success Program portfolio includes:

  • Full attendance and participation in JumpStart, Fall, and Spring phases
  • A positive recommendation from the Billiken Success Program academic adviser
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.3 (C+) or above
  • Full implementation of individualized learning plan(s) and agreement(s)
  • Successful completion of all classes including math, English and University 1010

About the First Year, 2019-2020

The Billiken Success Program is a yearlong program filled with enriching learning experiences that will benefit the successful Billiken through graduation and beyond.

Once you have successfully completed the Billiken Success Program, you will be granted full admission at SLU at the start of the second year. Academic advising will transition to the area of your major while your Billiken Success Program advisor will continue with you through graduation.


JumpStart is a pre-semester phase that begins before the start of the fall semester. Full attendance and participation in JumpStart is required.

  • Meet your adviser(s), mentors and advocates
  • Develop academic skills and learning strategies
  • Launch your Billiken Success Program learning agreement and portfolio
  • Get to know your way around the SLU campus
  • Make friends and have fun

First Semester (Fall Freshman Year)

  • English and math courses with supportive learning resources
  • In-depth weekly academic advising
  • Individualized development of skills, self-awareness and strategies
  • Peer mentoring

Second Semester (Spring Freshman Year)

  • Update your learning agreement and Billiken Success Program portfolio
  • English stretch course
  • In-depth academic advising (how often depends on your achievement)
  • Individualized development of skills, self-awareness and strategies
  • Peer mentoring
  • Presentation of your completed Billiken Success Program portfolio

And Beyond

  • Ongoing guidance and advocacy through graduation

Key Dates, JumpStart 2019

The Billiken Success Program launches with the six-day pre-semester JumpStart with the following schedule:

Saturday, Aug. 17:

  • 9-11:30 a.m. — Move into residence hall with other early arrivals. Go to the front desk in the residence hall assigned to you.
  • 12 p.m. — Kickoff and lunch at the Center for Global Citizenship (CGC)
    The CGC  is located at 3672 West Pine Mall and is the building topped with flags near  the clock tower.
  • 1:30-8:30 p.m. — Kickoff activities, room setup, farewells, dinner

Sunday-Monday, Aug. 18-19:
JumpStart off-campus retreat (two full days, overnight), Billiken Success Program

Tuesday-Friday, Aug. 20-23:
9 a.m.-5 p.m. — On-campus JumpStart, Billiken Success Program
Thursday, Aug 22:
Fall semester begins with Fall Welcome and general move-in

Monday, Aug 26:
Classes begin

The Billiken Success Program runs August through May.

JumpStart 2019 Program Costs

University tuition and fees cover the cost of assessments, workshops and campus events throughout the Billiken Success Program.

During the six-day pre-semester JumpStart phase, lunch is provided each day. Students should budget between $150 - $300 for other meals, which may be purchased on campus, along with program materials, which cost around $50 total. Commuter students must also pay for parking.

(The Billiken Success Program information is subject to change.)