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Certificate in Foundations of Christian Service

The College of Philosophy and Letters offers a certificate in Foundations of Christian Service designed to provide students with basic philosophical, theological and interdisciplinary tools for intelligent reflection on contexts of Christian ministry. The certificate is open to consecrated religious and laypersons engaged in ministry or who envision a future in ministry.

Curriculum and Program Details

Course requirements (15-18 credits) are designed for flexibility, with a view to matching the student’s background needs and ministerial interests. All course requirements may be satisfied with undergraduate courses.

Students with little or no previous philosophy or theology begin with some basic courses in those areas, followed by electives from any discipline that can inform the student’s capstone project. Students may tailor their capstone projects to fit their ministerial interests and challenges.

Specific course selections are made in consultation with the dean. A typical program would include courses in the following areas:

  • Ethics and/or Moral Theology: Three to six hours
  • Philosophy/Theology elective: Three hours
  • Other Electives: Six Hours
  • Capstone Project: Three hours

Application Requirements

The certificate presupposes a bachelor’s degree, or concurrent work toward a bachelor’s degree. Specific certificate pre-requisites depend to some extent on the particular student’s needs, background and specific program focus, but in general, at least one introductory course in theology or sacred scriptures is helpful.