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Research College

An Innovative Approach to Teaching Scholarly Work

This scholarly tract program, Research College enhances specialized research training thought to be essential to residency. All junior residents and two main research faculty members participate in the yearly curriculum. The curriculum focuses on collaborative and experiential learning through a mandatory group-based research study.

The college meets monthly during the academic year as a large group for one-hour meetings during protected conference time. The objective is to develop a linear curriculum of the clinical research process that can help residents develop scholarly work.

Through the research college, the residents collaborate on a single project to learn each step of the research process with the objectives to:

  • Develop a research question
  • Develop a protocol
  • Submit to the IRB
  • Perform data analysis and statistical review
  • Write an abstract
  • Prepare scientific writing and manuscript
  • Prepare for presentation

Racial differences in opiate administration for pain relief at an academic emergency department.

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