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Emergency Information

The safety and security of our students, faculty and staff members is one of Saint Louis University’s top priorities. The SLU-Madrid campus has created protocols that comply with the United States Clery Act reporting procedures on emergency, safety and security incidents.

Safety on Campus

Stop. Call. Report. We urge all students, faculty, staff members and visitors to report crimes and public-safety incidents to the Office of Student Life, located on the ground floor of Padre Rubio Hall. You can also report incidents directly to the Madrid police in an accurate and timely manner.

On-Campus Safety and Security Services, Reporting and Warnings

Trained Campus Security Authorities on the SLU-Madrid Campus work together to keep campus safe for SLU-Madrid students, faculty and staff, as well as for visitors. Our approach is community-based and focuses on education, communication and prevention.

Our concern for safety and security issues is taken into account the design and placement of all campus lighting, shrubbery, trees and the like. Likewise, our concern for safety and security is paramount in the planning and designing major renovations to campus facilities or construction of new facilities on campus.

Faculty, staff and students are expected to promptly report any safety and security maintenance issues when discovered. These requests receive priority over non-safety and non-emergency work orders.

Timely Warnings of Crime

SLU-Madrid sends Timely Warnings via the email to notify the University community about serious crimes against people that occur on campus, where it is determined that the incident may pose an ongoing threat to members of the University community.

The Timely Warnings notice will include information to promote safety and aid in the prevention of similar crimes.

Updates to the SLU-Madrid community about any particular case resulting in a Timely Warning will be distributed via email, and may be posted on the SLU-Madrid website or announced in the SLU-Madrid Campus Life weekly newsletter.

Safety in Madrid

Public demonstrations and protest marches (manifestaciones) are part of the political and cultural life in Madrid; citizens are exercising their right to assemble to express concern over economic, social and political challenges. All demonstrations are announced in advance; all are intended to be peaceful. On some occasions, however, as in any mass gathering, pockets of violence can break out between protesters and the police, resulting in injuries to both parties. Thus, through the help of the U.S. Embassy, SLU-Madrid notifies its community of the dates, times and locations of these demonstrations, reminding students to avoid them or remain cautious if they need to visit a neighborhood where one is scheduled to occur.

 Student Conduct

To help maintain an effective university learning environment, students are expected to act responsibly at all times and to respect the rights of others both on and off campus.