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Joshua J. Guyer, Ph.D.

Department of Psychology and Sociology


Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Social Psychology
Doctor of Philosophy, Queen's University, Social-Personality Psychology
Master of Science, Queen's University, Social-Personality Psychology
Bachelor of Arts (Honors), Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Psychology

Research Interests

  • Attitudes & Persuasion
  • Social Influence
  • Nonverbal Behavior

Publications and Media Placements

Paredes, B., Guyer, J. J., Brinol, P., Petty, R. E. (Under Review). Priming a Calculative Mindset Influences Persuasion: A Spill-Over Effect of Math. Journal of Consumer Research.

Horcajo, J., Santos, D., Guyer, J. J., & Moreno, L. (Under Review). Changing attitudes and intentions related to doping: An analysis of individual differences in Need for Cognition. Psychology of Sport and Exercise.

Brinol, P., Petty, R. E., & Guyer, J. J. (In Press). A Historical View on Attitudes and Persuasion. Oxford University Press.

Guyer, J. J., Brinol, P., Petty, R. E., & Horcajo, J. (In Press). Non-verbal behavior of persuasive sources: A Multiple process analysis. Journal of Nonverbal Behavior.

Guyer, J. J., Fabrigar, L. R., & Vaughan-Johnston, T. I. (2018). Speech rate, intonation, and pitch: Investigating the bias and cue effects of vocal confidence on persuasion. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 1-17.

Guyer, J. J., & Vaughan-Johnston, T. I. (2018). Upward and downward social comparisons: A brief historical overview. In: Zeigler-Hill V., Shackelford T. (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences, Springer Cham.

Letamendia, L. N., Silva, A. C., & Guyer, J. J. (2018). Financial illiteracy, motivations and barriers to saving and investing by Spanish households. Funcas Social and Economic Studies, 4, 77-97.

Guyer, J. J., Fabrigar, L. R., Vaughan-Johnston, T. I., & Tang, C. (2017). The counter-intuitive influence of vocal affect on the efficacy of affectively-based persuasive messages. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 74, 161-173.

Guyer, J. J., & Fabrigar, L. R. (2015). The attitude-behavior link: A review of the history. In J. Wright & J. Berry (Eds.), International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences (2nd ed., Vol. 2, pp. 183-189). Elsevier.

Invited Articles in Professional Association Journals

Guyer, J. J. (April, 2016). The influence of vocally expressed emotions on attitude change. Canadian Psychological Association, Mind Pad, 24(2), 21-25.

Guyer, J. J. (February, 2016). What you say matters but so does how you say it. Association for Psychological Science Student Observer Notebook, 29(2).

Honors and Awards

Society for Personality and Social Psychology Teacher/Scholar Travel Award - $500          

Canadian Psychological Association Certificate of Academic Excellence
Best Doctoral Dissertation

Association for Psychological Science Travel Award - $200                                            

R.S. McLaughlin Fellowship - $10,000
Awarded to top three graduate students in psychology department with highest GPA