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Dependent Care and Long Term Disability

In addition to the available insurance options, Saint Louis University employees can benefit from long-term disability and/or a dependent care plan, if needed.

Dependent Care Plan

The Dependent Care Assistance Plan is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulated benefit that allows employees to use pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible out-of-pocket expenses for the care of your child(ren) from the age of birth up to age 13, an incapacitated spouse or dependent parent. Contributions to the Dependent Care Plan are "use it or lose it."

Saint Louis University's Dependent Care administrator ConnectYourCare is available to assist employees by calling 888-339-3819, or after registering on their website.

Dependent Care Summary Plan Description


The ConnectYourCare Enrollment Guide contains valuable information that includes specific advantages of the benefit, accessing funds through reimbursement requests (claims) and additional rules and regulations.

New employees wishing to enroll must complete their elections using the "New Hire Menu" found in their Workday inbox within 31 days of their full time date of hire. Otherwise, enrollment during the plan year is permitted during the annual Open Enrollment period each November using Workday.

Employees can elect or change the benefit within 31 days of a life change such as dependent birth/adoption. Only during Open Enrollment and life changes can employees make changes to their dependent care election.

Per IRS mandates, employees wishing to participate in a Dependent Care Assistance Plan on an annual basis must re-enroll each year during Open Enrollment.


 Employees may elect up to an IRS maximum of $5,000 per calendar year (married persons filing separate returns would be limited to $2,500 each). It is important to make sure that plan year expenses for dependent care will equal or exceed the amount of benefit that is elected.

Using the Dependent Care Assistance Plan

Participation in a Dependent Care Assistance Plan will reduce your taxable income. Since this is a pre-tax benefit, your income is reduced prior to social security (FICA), Federal, State, and City taxes being assessed.

Dependent Care expenses may not be reimbursed until after the service has been provided. In addition, reimbursements may not be made until after the election has been deposited via payroll deduction.

Dependent Care Account Eligible Expenses Examples

Dependent Care Account Claim Reimbursement Process

Plan participants have through December 31 of the current calendar year to incur expenses. Claims must be submitted by March 31 of the following year for reimbursement.


Employees may take advantage of SLU's 75-day plan year extension. Should employees have a remaining balance of dependent care funds at end of the traditional plan year (December 31), the remaining funds are available for use until March 15 of the following year.

Employees will also have up to ninety days after the end of the plan year (December 31) to submit reimbursement claims of eligible expenses incurred until the plan year extension before remaining balances are forfeited. All claims must be submitted no later than April 30 to ConnectYourCare. 

If claims are not reconciled prior to April 30, employees are required to refund the amount of the transaction.

Claims may be faxed to 443-681-4602.

Long Term Disability

In the event that a Saint Louis University employee becomes ill or disabled, this long-term disability interrupts the employees earning ability and the economic impact can be severe. The group long term disability insurance provided by Cigna is designed to replace a substantial part of lost income in the event of total disability.

Benefits begin after three months of disability or the exhaustion of sick leave not to exceed six months. The plan pays 60% of salary up to $15,000 per month. Benefits will be reduced by payments received under Workers' Compensation and/or Social Security laws.

The University pays the entire cost of this coverage up to a base annual earnings of $36,000. A small payroll deduction is assessed for coverage on base earnings in excess of $36,000. This coverage is automatic, as a condition of employment, after one year of full-time service, or if a new employee is transferring from another group disability plan. If transferring from another group disability plan, the new employee must complete and submit the Certification of Previous LTD Coverage within 31 days of their date of full-time employment with SLU.

The coverage will continue to include all features of the current coverage including distinctive features such as possible benefits to disabled employees up to age 68 and continuation of retirement contributions to those employees who participate at this time.