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In Saint Louis University's 1818 Advanced College Credit program, we believe that a head start on a college career is more than just earning dual credit. Our office works with our partner high schools to truly help develop students and help them gain the mindset needed to succeed in college.

From challenging all students through college-level curriculum in the classroom to guiding them through the registration process and helping them understand the tuition process, we prepare students for their college career before they even step foot on a university campus.

Whether you're a school official looking to partner with the 1818 Advanced College Credit program or you're a veteran teacher refreshing your skills, we're glad to have you with us.

Become a Partner

Over 100  high schools around the nation know the value of a partnership with the 1818 program. If your  high school is ready to join this community of excellence, applying is easy.

  1. Fill out the new partner inquiry packet. Email it to with a copy or link to your high school course offerings.
  2. The 1818 Advanced College Credit program will review the packet and submit a detailed course growth proposal for your review.
  3. The 1818 program director will either schedule a conference call or site visit to discuss and layout a plan for launching a partnership.

Benefits of the 1818 Program

The 1818 Advanced College Credit program isn’t just beneficial to students; instructors and coordinators can benefit from the program, too.

Learn About Partner Benefits

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Explore the 100+ courses available for credit

Memorandum of Partnership

The Memorandums of Partnerships are acknowledgments of the roles, responsibilities and duties expected of an individual/school in their specific role, including but not limited to partner high schools, high school administrators, adjunct instructors, high school coordinators and faculty liaisons involved with the 1818 Advanced College Credit program. The memorandum is filled out once during the initial application process and remains valid until the partnership is ended.

By signing the document, individuals/institutions agree to uphold the various requirements of an active status. An active status means that the partner high school is in good standing in the program and may continue to offer 1818 courses. Failure to uphold memorandums of partnership risks putting the individual, dual credit offering, and/or partnership in a non-compliant status.


When an institution or individual fails to uphold the Memorandum of Partnership, the 1818 Program holds the right to put the course or institution in a non-compliant status.

A non-compliant status will incur a meeting with the 1818 Program director, 1818 adjunct instructor, 1818 coordinator, high school principal, and SLU faculty liaison in which one of the following outcomes may happen:

  • First-time offense warning and one-year monitoring  
  • Possible discontinuation of dual-credit course offerings
  • Probationary status with set provisional standards in order to become active again
  • Dissolution of the partnership

Individuals and partner high schools will be notified privately by the 1818 Program Director about issues surrounding non-compliance.

Exclusivity Agreement

As part of the Memorandums of Partnership, individuals agree to an exclusivity agreement regarding the courses offered through the 1818 Program.

The exclusivity agreement is meant to ensure the integrity and authenticity of Saint Louis University courses and to prevent confusion among dual credit students.

The exclusivity agreement acknowledges that the partner high school agrees that Saint Louis University is the sole dual credit provider for courses granted 1818 approval throughout the life of the partnership.

This agreement does not make Saint Louis University the sole provider of dual credit at an institution. Rather, if a specific subject course is offered for 1818 credit, high schools agree that Saint Louis University is the only dual credit opportunity offered for that course.